Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Every year, I make my New Years Resolutions.. they are always the same : Lose weight, find love, get rich. Not always in those words, but they are still the same basic ideas. These last until the first piece of cake, the first hint if intimacy, or the realization that I have no idea how to get rich. This year, in honor of my 40th new year, I am switching up my list.

I don't need to find love, I have it.. my family and my friends love me unconditionally. I don't need to get rich, I would just spend it on plastic surgery and sequined hot pants anyway. I don't need to lose weight, I am a fat girl and would look ridiculous being a skinny girl.

Resolution 1: I resolve to laugh more. If you have seen ANY picture of me from this last year, you may be wondering just how I plan on fitting even more laughter into my life, but I am willing to carve out some time for laughter every single day.. even if I must sacrifice other things.. like crying.

Resolution 2: I resolve to dance more. I will faithfully put the tv on an 80s music station and dance about the house with wild abandon in my underwear.. because it is fun and will embarrass my kids.

Resolution 3: I resolve to lose my inhibitions. I know, I don't really need to lose any more.. I am a shameless tart as it is.. but I am gonna try really hard to lose those last stubborn 5 or so inhibitions that I just can't seem to get rid of.

Resolution 4: I resolve to google more responsibly. Instead of using Google to look up things like "blue waffle" I promise to use it once a day to look up stuff about science or something. (OK.. I do that all the time, I enjoy being smart.. I just want you all to google blue waffle!)

Resolution 5: I resolve to be the best me I can be. I am learning to love the fabulous and unique self that I am, I will continue to know that I am a great human being.

 Resolution 6: I resolve to pay attention. To the world, my country, my state and my neighborhood. I will not sit quietly while people are abused, overlooked, or repressed. I will fight alongside my fellow humans for equality and tolerance.. and will be vocal about their rights. I will attempt to fill the minds of the uninformed, and call out the names of the ignorant.

Resolution 7: I resolve to be a woman my daughters can be proud of. Every day I will show my girls that being exactly who you are is acceptable and the right thing to do.

There ya go.. my Resolutions for 2013. These may be the hardest ones I will ever keep, but they are the most important I have ever made. I've got a feeling this is going to be the best year yet!

Happy New Year!